Produced by Frances Richmond, Directed by Benjamin Field, Watched by Enthusiasts

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One of Shakespeare’s greatest works comes to Sutton Coldfield Town Hall this week in this dark, atmospheric production which strikingly captures the Bard’s 400-year-old tale of ambition, murder and destiny fulfilled at great cost. Simon Garrington turns in an impressive performance as Macbeth, capturing his descent from respected general to maddened king with great skill – particularly in the second act when his character’s growing paranoia yields increasingly gruesome consequences. Meanwhile Rosalyn Paterson is captivating as Lady M – capturing her transformation from ruthlessly ambitious wife to guilt-ridden madwoman beautifully. The destiny laid out for Macbeth is never quite as clear to him and Garrington portrays this inner struggle well – contrasting well with the relentlessly ambitious Lady Macbeth. Elsewhere Ben Thorne impresses as Macbeth’s doomed ally Banquo and Lyle Mitchell is superb as the vengeful Macduff. Hannah Perrin, Sarra Theressa and Rachel Barnes make a haunting trio as the prophetic witches. And there’s good support from Robin Johnson as the trustworthy and ultimately victorious Malcolm. The production is well-staged and scenes move into one another seamlessly, with lighting and visual effects complimenting the action well. Some extremely impressive combat scenes deserve a special mention – this was especially effective in the heart-stopping climax. Congratulations to producer and director, Ben Field, his cast and everyone involved in this excellent production of Shakespeare’s great tragedy. It wasn’t so long ago that the town hall was under threat of closure. For audiences to have missed out on productions like this would have been the real tragedy. Macbeth runs at Sutton Coldfield Town Hall until Saturday 27 May.   Love Midlands Theatre